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Liz Brown
For a better view of my current work visit my website on Www.heartfeltbyliz.com
I started making felt 8 years ago.Through the support and friendship of members in the International Feltmakers Association my knowledge has gone from strength to strength. I make a wide range of felt items and actively promote the use of native  fleeces. I have recently begun to use a lot of Alpaca fibre in my work that comes from a local Alpaca farm in Scotland. I constantly try new ideas and many different methods. Teaching feltmaking is a major part of my work just now and I enjoy the two-way learning from my students.
The Scottish Story Telling yurt plays a large part in my personal history of my feltmaking and I'm sure my future work will also link to the grounding this structure provides for me.

Hat,slippers and neckpiece
Light into Dark

Foot wear is an important part of the work I do.
I feel cushioning the sole is close to cushioning the soul

Ann Ross
I live in the Trossachs-an area in Scotland of outstanding beauty. I am greatly influenced by the physicality of my surroundings-the ever changing colours of the seasons, the moods of the mountains. This goes hand in hand with the ever changing images of my feltmaking.
I am constantly aware that the palatte of my colour reflects the natural  colours of my enviroment-almost as though they were" on loan to me".
Childerns' learning both in and outside school is enhanced by an awareness of the enviroment in the broadest sense - local, national and global contexts. I aim to share my knowledge of the joy of working with natural renewable materials through active participation in workshops. To raise global awareness by sharing my travel experiences comparing lifestyles, cultures etc.

"Have Yurt will Travel" -Yes we are the modern nomads, sharing the Story of the Yurt and this ancient textile. Just as ideas were exchanged along the Silk Routes and people met, so we continue to meet with many talented people and share with them an amazing range of skills and talents.

Jenny MacKay

Ideas for my work come from my interaction with the world around me.When I was trying to  get to grips with computers I was fastinated by the new language I had to learn. The word "icon" had in the past always conjured up images of religious portraits on wood using gold leaf, to me now, it also means a symbol on the computer screen. I also love the different effects you can achieve at the click of the mouse so "Pixelated icons" is the outcome of these pictures floating in my mind.
Inspiration also comes from the love of using the fibres themselves, their variety and versatility continues to excite me.

Wall Hanging
Jenny MacKay

Cut Shawl
Jenny MacKay